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3 Reasons Why:
Trichi Design

Trichi Design is inspired by the Mediterranean and Atlantic roots of its founders. Craftsmanship and quality are at the brand’s core, which reflect on the distinctive embroidery and luxurious quality of their collections. The name of the brand merges three words that come together to highlight some of its values – Tri symbolizes its three founders, Chi, their combined creative energies, and Design to bring forth the importance of having impeccable design.

1. Embroideries that will catch your eye (and your guests!)

High quality embroidery does not come across easily. Pair it with luxurious linens and you’ve got yourself a winner. Trichi Design’s work is meticulous and fun. The Mimosa collection is one of our favorites – exceptional level of details, and the color combination is just fabulous. Their Small Trim Napkins are also a must in your linens cabinet; they are extremely versatile (something we all need these days!) as they can be paired up or down very easily.

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2. Customization options to make each product yours

We all like the feeling of something being done specifically for you. We love the idea of embroidering your initials to the corner of your napkin set as a great way of remembering your wedding! If you are a fan of customization, this brand does the job very well. Click here for inquiries about customization options.

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3. Their collections are ideal for hosting...

Your in-laws for dinner at home. Elegant but not over the top, these linens will reflect your fabulous taste, while hinting to your mother-in-law that you surely know how to set a beautiful table.

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