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General Questions


1. If I am not creating a wedding registry, can I still use Collecto’s bespoke concierge services? 

Absolutely, please email to schedule an initial consultation. 


2. Will I need to pay any duties on my order? 

All applicable customs duty has been pre-paid for you by Collecto with no additional charges on delivery. 


3. Will I need to pay any taxes on my order? 

Your purchase will be subject to local sales tax if your shipping address is located in the state of Florida. 


4. What methods of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards, along with PayPal. 


5. Do you offer expedited shipping? 

Because most of our products will be shipped from remote towns all around the world, we are unable to offer expedited shipping at the moment. 


Wedding Registry Questions


1. How can I use Collecto’s bespoke concierge services? 

Once a couple has created a registry profile, our bespoke concierge team will be in touch. If desired by the couple, we will schedule an initial consultation over the phone. This service is free of charge as we believe the guidance and thoughtfulness behind the selection helps our clients select pieces that they will love for years to come.


2. Will the guest need to know a couple’s shipping address? 

The guest does not need to know the couple’s shipping address as this has been previously filled in by the couple. 


3. When will the couple and the guest be notified of a gift purchase? 

Guests will receive an email confirmation once they place the order. The couple will then be notified via e-mail immediately after the purchase is made. Additionally, the couple will be the only one informed of any shipping updates. 


4. When will my gifts purchased be shipped? 

We believe that the timing of receiving the gifts is important for the couple to really enjoy them. We recommend our clients to wait to ship all gifts after you have finalized your registry. Many couples like to wait until after their wedding to have the option to change their selection in order to complete sets or switch items that may have not been gifted. If preferred, we can arrange to ship products as orders are placed. Please consider each item’s respective fulfillment time, as some of our products are made to order.


5. How long will my order take to ship? 

Each item has a unique fulfillment time specified in the item's description. Since our partner brands are located in remote towns all around the world, and many items are made to order, all shipping times vary. If an item is listed as “in-stock,” it will take an average of 14 days to ship. 


6. Do you accept international shipping addresses? 

At the moment, we do not accept any international orders. Should you be interested in shipping your order internationally, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 


7. How can we share the registry with our wedding guests? 

A link to your registry will be created once you complete your registry profile. You can share this link with guests through your preferred method. Many couples like to post the link on their wedding website or share it directly with guests through e-mail. Guests can also find your registry by visiting our site and searching for your name under 'Find Couple' in the Registry tab.


For any other additional questions please contact and we will be glad to assist you.