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Dearborn Carafe
Dearborn Carafe
Dearborn Carafe

Dearborn Carafe

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The Dearborn Collection Carafe is a fluted glass pitcher designed by Felicia Ferrone and ideal for serving refreshments of all types, as well as mixing cocktails. Felicia Ferrone's Dearborn Collection is glassware for a contemporary lifestyle. The design highlights balance with its intricate, hand-formed interior fluting set against minimal, straight outer lines. Each piece is hand-crafted in the Czech Republic without the use of molds by master glassblowers. The borosilicate glass allows for a range of hot and cold applications.

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Product Details

  • Dimensions: 26 fl oz (765 mL), H 7.87 in (20 cm), D 3.15 in (8 cm)
  • Composition: Borosilicate glass 
  • Care: Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Origin: Handcrafted in Czech Republic