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Driven by the beauty of the past, Angie and Christina Christou created Maison Carlyle, an outlet dedicated to sharing a curated collection of beautiful people, places, and things, and the stories behind them.


Our founder Federika and Christina met in NYC, and immedialety connected about their shared love for entertaining. They went for breakfast the following morning, and spent hours sharing stories about their weddings and the planning, their favorite china patterns, and fun dinner parties they've hosted at home. We are absolutely thrilled to be co-hosting our first trunkshow in Montreal, Canada with them next week!


Read on to discover Christina’s entertaining tips, some of her favorite Collecto pieces, and how to truly embrace the art of ‘Living Beautifully’.



Tell us more about your inspiration behind Maison Carlyle? How did the journey begin?

Maison Carlyle began as a creative outlet and visual diary of all the beautiful people, places, and things that inspired my mother and me over the years: linen tablecloths, topiaries, wicker baskets, English gardens, as well as style icons like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn. Ultimately, we always felt that there was a certain elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail in the way people lived in the past, which led us to create Maison Carlyle - an editorial destination for those who seek to be inspired by timeless aesthetics. Over the past two years, this creative journey has brought us so much joy: meeting new friends, connecting with like-minded creatives, and leveraging our platform to shed light on wonderful artisanal discoveries during our travels. Our hope is that through these cherished inspirations and finds, we can inspire our followers to live beautifully, and above all, to seek beauty in the simplest acts of everyday life.



  • Entertaining is a deep passion that we share; describe your dream dinner party? The menu, the table, the music...
  • Absolutely adore this question! My dream dinner party would include wonderful friends of all ages and varied backgrounds, gathered around a long table al fresco in the garden. The table would be dressed with Carolina Irving’s Mimosa Vine linen fabric (in either one of her magnificent colorways), wicker vases filled with freshly cut dahlias from the garden, bamboo-handled flatware, Laguna B’s colored Dune glassware, and any one of ZdG’s magical French faïence as dinnerware. The menu would feature casual summer comfort food - lobster rolls and potato chips, paired with my favorite watermelon salad, corn on the cob, delicious pitchers of sangria, and a lemon meringue pie for dessert... all while a wonderfully curated Bossa Nova playlist plays in the background.



How do you prepare when hosting a gathering at home?

One of the greatest gifts a hostess can offer her guests is to ensure that they feel welcome and cherished. Sending a beautiful invitation, having an arrangement of flowers to greet guests when they walk in, along with a signature drink and bite to eat, all help create an ambiance that exudes a sense of warmth and magic. Ultimately, preparing the menu in advance, while always maintaining a well-stocked bar and pantry (filled with gourmet potato chips, chocolate-covered almonds, and specialty nuts), seems to always set me at ease (an abundance of candles and a well-appointed linen closet also helps!). As for the table setting, I will either begin with seasonal florals, a dinnerware pattern, or a linen and take it from there (usually a day or two before the event when I am feeling most creative). ...And no matter the occasion, I always love sending out invitations, which help set the tone for the event and create a sense of excitement! If I’m simply inviting friends for a casual spur-of-the-moment dinner, I will either call or send a text via HiNote; however, for special occasions, I adore working with Clementina Sketchbook or Paperless Post.


One of the greatest gifts a hostess can offer her guests is to ensure that they feel welcome and cherished

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  • What is an item (or two) that all couples should register for?

  • A timeless and versatile dinnerware set (à la ZdG), as well as a beautiful tray that could be set with drinks, stylish bowls filled with candy, chocolate, or specialty nuts, and pretty glasses... a wonderful trick for effortless entertaining, especially for unannounced visitors.




  • What excites you the most about bringing Collecto to Montreal?
  • My mother and I are incredibly honoured be hosting Collecto for its inaugural Canadian trunk show! Above all, we are so excited for friends to discover Collecto’s distinctive curation of beautifully crafted tabletop brands (i.e., Los Encajeros, Casa Cabana, Los Vasos de Agua Clara, and ZdG, among others), available to view and purchase in person in Canada for the first time. What a treat it will be to delight friends and family with a little tabletop magic, and for them to meet Federika and learn about her journey in building the beautiful world of Collecto!


Our hope is that through these cherished inspirations and finds, we can inspire our followers to live beautifully, and above all, to seek beauty in the simplest acts of everyday life.


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