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An Evening with Drake/Anderson

We hosted an intimate dinner in New York City in celebration of AD100 firm Drake/Anderson's first monograph

Photography by Max Mester

There is nothing quite like Autumn in New York. The invigorating feel of the Fall crisp weather and the romanticism of watching the leaves change while terracotta hues cover the streets of the city... Last week we fell in love with New York City once again -- not while strolling throught the diverse neighborhoods, but from the twinkling lights seen from the city's breathtaking heights.


In celebration of the launch of their new monograph called BOLD, our founder Federika Longinotti Buitoni hosted a dinner with interior designers Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson from the innovative, award-winning design firm Drake/Anderson. The name of the book speaks for itself – a perfect representation of the firm's design ethos that is continuously apparent in their projects' use of unexpected color combinations, rich textures and provocative objets d'art.

The setting for the evening was one of the designers' own masterpieces, a fabulous apartment in the neighborhood of Tribeca that sat right above Manhattan. "BOLD was the precise feeling I had when I first saw the apartment. I was absolutely inspired by its richness and sophistication", says Federika. Fantastical views of the city surrounded the dining room creating a magnificent atmosphere to entertain our guests. Jamie, Caleb and Federika designed the table together, opting for colorful and contemporary dinnerware to complement the aesthetics of the home. The color palette was sophisticated and whimsical – a combination of burgundies, ocres, pinks and golds apparent throughout the table for the ultimate modern elegance.

Collecto founder Federika with designers Jamie Drake & Caleb Anderson

Collecto founder Federika Longinoti Buitoni with designers Jamie Drake & Caleb Anderson

'The moment I met Jamie and Caleb I immediately felt a connection to their work, particularly because of our shared love for color. They have such an impeccable eye. I love the whimsical Gymmetria collection they chose for the dinner plates -- always thinking of ways to add joy to a room!'

- Federika Longinotti Buitoni


The table's center was embellished with gold candleholders and our beautiful Cut vases in a variety of hues that picked up on the colors of the tablescape. The protagonists of the evening were the playful motifs of our Gymmetria Collection in nine of its presentations. For glassware we selected the sculptural May Wine Glasses and the Serpente Macchia su Macchia Murano tumblers, some of our all-time favorites!


We wanted to showcase the beautiful table so we opted for placemats instead of a tablecloth. The designers selected our fabulous Whitework Linens, both napkins and placemats, with a delicate yet sophisticated metallic gold embroidery to complement the flatware. Exquisite pick!

‘Setting the table is one of my favorite parts of hosting a gathering. It's a moment where I feel relaxed and let my creativity take over’.

First course served on our Simply Gold dessert plates

Simply Gold dessert plates with a rich olive oil chocolate cake

We began the evening by greeting the guests with a cocktail reception. Our signature champagne cocktail with ginger, lemon and sage was a crowd favorite! Drinks were served in a variety of mouth blown glassware from our Manhattan and Folia collections. “Having a space for guests to meet each other and connect before being seated is very important”, says our founder.

We then stepped into the dining room, an art-filled oasis in the New York skies. The apartment featured an open kitchen in front of the dining room giving the atmosphere a homey and more relaxed feel. As the dinner began, Jamie said a few words to thank everyone involved in making this magical evening happen. Federika then raised a glass to toast in celebration of Drake Anderson’s book and the impeccable work the designers have done since they joined forces.


Federika and the chef designed a menu around seasonal ingredients. “I like menus that are fresh, not very heavy”. Our menu for the evening included courses with tasteful yet simple ingredients to keep it light. A fresh brussel sprout, apple and fried halloumi salad, followed by roasted chicken with crispy wild mushrooms and creamy polenta. The homemade chocolate olive oil cake gave a delicious closure to the evening!

An evening filled with multiple toasts is definitely one to remember...

Our guests enjoying our signature cocktail in the Manhattan coupes

Engaging conversations!

Jamie and ELLE Decor's Ingrid Abramovitch with some of our guests

Bronson Van Wyck and Cecily Waud


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