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Sorbetto Cobalt Blue Large Stem
Sorbetto Cobalt Blue Large Stem
Sorbetto Cobalt Blue Large Stem
Sorbetto Cobalt Blue Large Stem

Sorbetto Cobalt Blue Large Stem

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The Sorbetto Large Stem is part of our first exclusive collaboration with Venice-based brand LagunaB. Founded in 1994, Marie Brandolini translated her artistic spirit by offering a contemporary interpretation of Murano’s signature “Goto de Fornace” glasses. Inspired by Italy’s celebrated art of the gelato, the Sorbetto Collection captures the fresh pastel shades of fruit-flavored sorbets. The collection includes three shapes in three colorways, all of which are fully handmade in Murano Island using mouth-blown Murano glass. The production technique is called “Rigadin Menato”, rigadin meaning to have some tridimensional stripes, menato alluding to the stripes in a spiral pattern; intricate details that can be seen in the glasses.

In collaboration with the brand, we designed the large and medium stems with opposite color combinations and a matching tumbler—combine these glasses for a sophisticated yet contemporary feel. Measurements and colors may slightly vary as each glass is entirely handmade. 

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Product Details

  • Dimensions: D 4.0 in (10.2 cm), H 5.3 in (13.4 cm)
  • Composition: 100% Murano Crystal
  • Care: Hand wash recommended
  • Origin: Handcrafted in Italy