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Diva Murano Glass Candle
Diva Murano Glass Candle
Diva Murano Glass Candle
Diva Murano Glass Candle

Diva Murano Glass Candle

Aina Kari
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The Diva Candle by Aina Kari was inspired by Vittoria Pissiimi, one of the most famous Italian actresses and singers of the 1600s, known as Divina Vittoria. She loved mainly playing the role of the heroine or soubrette, which is why the mixture of leather tones and vibrant feminine florals is so fitting. The subtle brown hue of the Murano vessel is a timeless addition to any home. Aina Kari distinguishes itself through an unwavering commitment to preserving artisanal heritage sustainably — after the candle has burnt through, each vessel is meant to be treasured for years to come.

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Product Details

  • Dimensions: D 4.33 in (11cm); H 4.72 in (12cm)
  • Composition: Murano Glass, 100% Natural wax - Coconut, Rapeseed, Soy, and Beeswax; Phthalates and parabens-free
  • Care: Clean with a damp cloth. Once the candle is burnt, handwash it with dishwashing soap and warm water to use as a vase.
  • Origin: Vessel handcrafted in Italy; fragrance made in France
  • Fragrance: Head - Almond, Cherry; Heart - Sage, Violet; Base - Iris, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Virginia Cedar